Stud pants

Stud pants are meant to allow the spraying stud who spends most of the day in a separate residence a moment in the house.

In the pet shop you can buy dog pants in small sizes, but that is of course beyond the honor of a real stud to wear.

The Made by Rietje 'design' pants are specially developed for cats and designed in such a way that the cat can easily do its number 2 with it without hindrance.

There is a choice between two models: a string model and a classic model.

For reasons of hygiene, stud pants cannot be exchanged or taken back by us.

Stud pants


  • String model

    Model without back, in which a flat cord is guided along each side of the tail that are tied together through a loop on the back.

    The advantage of this model is that regardless of the back length of the cat, the pants can be attached in such a way that there is enough space under the tail hole to be able to do a number two without hindrance.

    Studpants cannot be returned for hygienic reasons.

  • Classic model

    Model with back, where the pants are closed around the tail via Velcro.

    The advantage of this model is that for most people it's a bit easier to put on and, especially with the small sizes (S, M and often also L), it has a better fit.

    The size of the tail hole can only be adjusted to a small extent with this model, with the result that there is no 100% guarantee the cat can do the number two without accidents (pooping inside the pants).

    Warning when using the classic model for show cats: because because of the back there is contact with a larger part of the coat. When used often, there is more risk that the coat on the lower back flattens. We recommend to use the string model on show cats. 

    Studpants cannot be returned for hygienic reasons.

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