Aemilius Sauterne

I am Marie-Angelique van der Kooij-Scholten, breeder and lover of Norwegian forest cats.
I breed on a limited basis under the name 'van de Moeshoek'.

In that word "lover" the snag is hidden: my cats live with me until the end of their lives. Since I still want to keep breeding, my cat group has expanded quite a bit over the years. So it is extra important that I consciously purchase their supplies.
Often there is advantage to be gained if large purchases are made.

This gave rise to the idea of joining forces and purchasing together with a number of breeders, and the name 'van de Moeshoek co-ordering service' was born. Ordering together is only intended for fellowbreeders, but studpants and 'snoezelzakken' are offered publicly here.

With the studpants we distinguish ourselves from others by the string model. I myself was always struggling to get the classic model to my males. My mother (Rietje) then started developing for me with the sewing machine and that is how the string model was created that I can wear to my males without any problems.