Stud pants grey fleece with pawprints (string)
  • Stud pants grey fleece with pawprints (string)

Stud pants grey fleece with pawprints (string)

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Stud pants 'Made by Rietje', string in soft fleece fabric with pawprints. Very suitable for nude cats. 

Size: S
Color: Mousegrey
Out-of-Stock, sent in 1-3 weeks


Which size fits?

This wonderfully soft stud pants in string model was the first model to be specially made for cats with little or no hair. With nude cats there is a risk that pants made of stiffer fabric will sand on the skin, especially in the groins. This is prevented by the soft fabric used for these pants.

These pants are of course also suitable for cats with hair.

With nude cats in particular, make sure that the incontinence material is also soft on the sides and is not too wide between the hind legs. Preferably use a thicker sanitary napkin and no panty liners (they often have sharper edges).

NB The product supplied may differ slightly (color, fabric) from the depicted product.
For reasons of hygiene, stud pants cannot be exchanged or taken back by us.



User manual stud pants

Tips about how to use the studpants en which incontinence material is most suitable, are described in this manual.

Download (1016.43KB)

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