Size chart

size waist width
min - max
small (S) 25 - 30 cm
medium (M) 30 - 35 cm
large (L) 35 - 40 cm
extra large (XL) 40 - 45 cm
extra extra large (XXL) 45 - 50 cm


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How to measure?

The width of the waist of the cat determines the size of the studpants.

Measure around the cat's waist and determine the size as shown in the picture. Tighten the measuring tape so that there is still a finger width between them.

Both the string and classic model of studpants close with Velcro.

Thanks to this Velcro, the pants can be further adjusted individually within the purchased size, in the manner shown in the photo below.

taillewijdte aanpassen middels het klittenband