Tips for the use of studpants 'Made by Rietje'


Differences between the classic and string model
Instructions for using the string model
Instructions for using the classic model
Which material suits best for absorbing the urine?
How to put the incontinence material in the studpants?
Tips to keep the studpants in good shape

Differences between the classic and string model


String model

The string model only has a front panel (on the belly), no backpanel but two straps that are put through a loop and tied together.


- less contact with the fur and therefore more suitable for cats that are showed at catshows;
- the hole for the tail can be adjusted perfectly to the size of your individual cat (by loosening or tie the straps more tightly).



- the model might be slighly more difficult to put on your cat if not experienced yet.

An example of a string model: the knot comes at the back side.

Katerbroekje stringmodelDemonstratie knoop stringmodel

And here's a string worn by a handsome Norwegian Forest male cat.

Demonstratie stringmodel

Classic model

The classic model has a back and front panel. The biggest panel is the panel that goes on the belly.


- most of the unexperience owners find this model easier to put on their cat.


- a bigger part of the textile is in contact with the fur; more chance for a flattened coat on the back side of your cat and therefore less suitable voor showcats than the string model;
- the hole for the tail is only a little adjustable to your individual cat and wil fit some cats better than others.

An example of a classic model: it has a back and front panel.


And here another handsome Norwegian Forest Cat male wearing a classic model:

Doppie showt het klassieke model


Instructions for using the string model

The string model is tied to the cat by means of the waistband and closed by means of the velcro. Make sure it's not too loose so it can not be pulled off by the cat and neither too tight, or the pants will pinch off.

Put your hand from the backside of the cat between the hind legs, grab the straps and pull them back between the legs towards yourself.

Lead each strap on one side of the tail towards the waisband, and pull one of the straps through the loop that is sewed on the waistband.

Pull the straps till the pants nearly reach the anus of the cat. Make sure the balls are inside the pants and the anys is free to poop on the litter box.

Tie both straps to each other with a double knot or fasten them with a safety pin (for baby dipers).

String vanaf de rugzijde gezien String vanaf de staartzijde gezien


Instructions for using the classic model

In principle, the classic model is put on in the same way as a baby diaper.

Place the cat in a standing position in front of you, with the rear facing you. Close the Velcro of the tail opening around the tail, keeping the largest building at the bottom. Fold the largest building under the lower abdomen and the smallest building over the back and close the pants with the Velcro.


Which material suits best for absorbing the urine?

This depends on the fact if the cat is wearing the pants for hours or just for a short time. Dit hangt af van het feit of de kater urenlang in huis verblijft, of slechts een kort moment. Incontinence pads for humans is best suitable for this purpose namely absorbing urine.

Inlegmateriaal bij licht sproeien

Most of the times a product as a light incontinence liner will do for an hour.

Be aware: if the male has just been sleeping and you get him in afterwards, chances are that he soon has to do a big puddle and then such a panty liner is far from sufficient. A deposit of at least the class 'normal' is necessary.  Inlegmateriaal bij flink sproeien
This also applies if the male stays in the house for hours.

I cut the self adhesive material in matching pieces and this way I can dress the boys' pants twice with a bandage of the 'normal' class.

The Siempre Hygiene normal or the Tena Lady Mini (2,5 drop) are ideal in width to fit in the studpants, but sure there will be lots of other brands that fit just as well.

Inlegmateriaal bij licht sproeienI cut one of the curved ends of the liners that I use for light spraying straight (Carefree Plus Ultra for light incontinence). If you do not do this, the idea of keeping the poop hole free will be lost.


How to put the incontinence material in the studpants?

On the left the string model, on the right the classic model. With the classic model the inlay material is to be put on the biggest panel.

Inlegmateriaal in het string model aanbrengenInlegmateriaal in het klassieke model aanbrengen


Tips to keep the studpants in good shape

Washing instructions
The pants can be washed at 30 degrees in the washing machine; however, they remain more beautiful if they are washed by hand.

Do not tumble dry or iron. 

Additional maintenance
If after a while the Velcro tape does not stick as well because there are hairs / lint on the side with the hooks, clean it with a slicker brush.
slicker borstel